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New England Duct Care understands the importance of how indoor air quality has a direct impact on your family’s health and comfort in your home. All homeowners dust and vacuum regularly, but what about the main air distribution system that circulates the air throughout your home?  When was the last time someone cleaned those air ducts? We can also reduce the risk of fire in your home by cleaning out the dryer vent line.  Plus you save money by the dryer not needing to run extra cycles. Keep the air fresh with our anti-microbial spray applied on a periodic basis. Ask about our video inspection service.  We can show you exactly what is hiding behind those air vents. Give us a call today 203-313-7481.

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“Allergies and other particles can escalate problems people experience at home, and when systems are filled with dust and debris, HVAC systems work harder to get the air they need to provide our homes with sufficient air.” said Jason Besse owner of New England Duct Care


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